PPG Annual Report and 10K 2019

6 2019 PPG ANNUAL REPORT AND 10-K PPG INDUSTRIES, INC. AND CONSOLIDATED SUBSIDIARIES As used in this report, the terms “PPG,” “Company,” “Registrant,” “we,” “us” and “our” refer to PPG Industries, Inc., and its subsidiaries, taken as a whole, unless the context indicates otherwise. TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Part I Item 1. Business Item 1A. Risk Factors Item 1B. Unresolved Staff Comments Item 2. Properties Item 3. Legal Proceedings Item 4. Mine Safety Disclosures Part II Item 5. Market for the Registrant’s Common Equity, Related Stockholder Matters and Issuer Purchases of Equity Securities Item 6. Selected Financial Data Item 7. Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations Item 7A. Quantitative and Qualitative Disclosures About Market Risk Item 8. Financial Statements and Supplementary Data Item 9. Changes in and Disagreements With Accountants on Accounting and Financial Disclosure Item 9A. Controls and Procedures Item 9B. Other Information Part III Item 10. Directors, Executive Officers and Corporate Governance Item 11. Executive Compensation Item 12. Security Ownership of Certain Beneficial Owners and Management and Related Stockholder Matters Item 13. Certain Relationships and Related Transactions, and Director Independence Item 14. Principal Accounting Fees and Services Part IV Item 15. Exhibits, Financial Statement Schedules Item 16. Form 10-K Summary Signatures Note on Incorporation by Reference Throughout this report, various information and data are incorporated by reference from the Company’s 2019 Annual Report (hereinafter referred to as “theAnnual Report”). Any reference in this report to disclosures in theAnnual Report shall constitute incorporation by reference only of that specific information and data into this Form 10-K. 7 12 16 16 16 18 19 19 20 32 34 80 80 80 80 80 80 81 81 81 84 85